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Tina Dupuy is a comedian and former member of The Family.

Statement by Tina Dupuy

In March 2005, Dupuy posted the following statement on her web site.

To Whom It May Concern;

Ricky Rodriguez’s recent death has brought on national publicity and the Law and Order episode. People have begun to inquire about the group known as The Children of God or The Family. I realized that I have been ‘outed’ online as a former member.

In order to quash any rumor or speculation, this is what I have to say on the issue:

My parents met in the group. I am a 2nd generation. We lived in 10 countries all over Europe and South America. My parents left when I was 5 years old and we went back to the states. The way I see it - my parents are hippies. If your parents embarrassed you when you were a teenager – I have you beat!

My uncle Rick Dupuy (AKA Watchman) was one of the leaders at one time; he killed himself 10 years ago. I have in my possession the ‘purged’ literature that belonged to him. You think you have a strange uncle – I have you beat!

I have met and talked with many other 2nd generations. I left the group when I was very young. Some things we have in common (i.e. anger, alcohol abuse and the fact that we all bawled uncontrollably when we found out about Ricky). Other things, we don’t have in common. With that being said, I’m not a good spokesperson for the group and don’t desire to be. I feel there are others better qualified.

Since I am a stand up comic, I like to tackle these things on my own terms. I deal with events in my personal life through humor. Everything that I have gone through in my life I use as material, because let’s face it – public figures can’t do stupid things everyday. I did write a one person show called, “The Cult and the Cyclops”. It covers my experience in the COG. Copies of it are available on my website.

I would like to be known for my humor and not for my association with a child abusing, prostitution encouraging – good old fashion Christian cult.

Thank you,
Tina Dupuy
March 29, 2005

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