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Cover of "The Spirit World!" (ML 622) by David "Moses" Berg. Image shows an order being passed down a chain of command from God to Jesus, Archangel Michael, Abrahim, Berg, Satan, Archdemon Oplexicon, and finally to rank and file demons.
"Madame M" (ML#268)

The Family holds a wide variety of beliefs regarding supernatural events and the spiritual realm. Many of these beliefs are similar to those of more conventional Christianity, while others are unique, and often considered heretical by traditional Christians.

Family mythology

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The Family claims knowledge of many individual demons, angels and other spirits. They believe that referring to spirits by name gives their prayers extra effect. For example, a Family member in prayer may call on Ellya to help them wield the Keys of the Kingdom to fend off Vandari attacking the group through media exposure. Or instead of simply praying to overcome a physical addiction, a Family member may call on Boheme to sever the tentacles of Bacchus with the Key of Resolve.

Below are a few of the more prominent or well known spiritual beings and spirit helpers within The Family. For a fuller listing, see Category:Family Mythology.

Evil Spiritual Beings
Name Description Nemeses
Bacchus Tentacled demon of addiction and carnality. Also causes eating disorders Boheme
Hong Kong Goolagong Aboriginal demon who attacks missionaries using lacerated breasts
Pan Arch-demon who aims to control minds and cause doubt Illuminus, Fairy Angel Fighters
Oplexicon Arch-demon who opposes truth and the Word of God Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Raphael
Vandari Vandals of the underworld who work through people opposing The Family  
Helpful Spiritual Beings
Name Description Nemeses
Abrahim Bulgarian Gypsy responsible for Berg's alcoholism
Archangel Michael From the Bible Oplexicon
Arcothon (Arcos) Conduit of God's power Apotheon
Brunheld Defends and fights for The Family
Ellya Draws members to use the Keys of the Kingdom

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