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The Family International (as the group calls itself today) or The Family International Fellowship has various programs through which it operates. The main ones include Family Care Foundation (FCF), Aurora Productions AG, and Activated Ministries. However, the group has many other local foundations and projects in various countries throughout the world, for example (note: Some of the following may no longer be active):

  • World Services (WS; location a closely guarded secret; they can be contacted through a Post Office box in Zurich, Switzerland that has been open for over two decades with the mail handled by the European regional office (EURCRO)
  • Heaven's Magic
  • Martinelli
  • Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches
  • Donate Car for Charity Spring Valley, California, USA
  • Texas, Teaching, Education and More (TEAM) Foundation in Dallas, Texas, USA (EIN 75-2790783)
  • East European Christian Correspondence Center in Hungary
  • Asia Vision in Thailand
  • Los Angeles Missionary Base
  • Family Missions Foundation in Zug, Switzerland
  • Bluebird Family Foundation in Hungary
  • Golden Sunrise Productions Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
  • The Spiritual Retreat and Missionary Training Program in USA
  • Mission Support & Humanitarian Services Program
  • Immediate Disaster Relief in India
  • New Horizons - Student Interchange in India
  • Helping Hands
  • Milk for Many/Mexcity Mission
  • KidzVids International, based in Humble, Texas, USA
  • The Extra Mile
  • The Family Singers (they usually perform at the White House every Christmas)

Aurora Production AG

Aurora Production AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, is the copyright holder and owner of all of The Family International's revenue-producing productions. These include publications, music, and videos (i.e. Countdown to Armageddon and Treasure Attic). Although ultimate control over this company is in Steven Kelly's hands, on paper the following people are listed as running this company [1] (

  • Claes Furusjö (Director; Johanneshov, Sweden; former WS finance manager)
  • Richard Müller
  • Barbara-Maria Buzzi
  • Ernst Steiner (Hünibach, Switzerland)
  • Michael Andrew Darley (Houston, Texas)
  • Alconsa Finanz AG (Auditor)

Family Missions Foundation

Family Missions Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland [2] (, receives and processes the tithes of members. The board has many of the same names as for Aurora Production AG. The two key people are:

  • Chris Smith (aka Steven Kelly; registered in Luzern, Switzerland)
  • Thomas Mestyanek (registered in Los Angeles, USA; also Finance Manager of The Family International)

Activated Ministries

A Family International–operated charitable foundation in Escondido, California (EIN 33-0857142). All the Directors are Family International members. Thomas Hack, a high-ranking Family International officer and former director of FCF, is the President. Activated Ministries is a licensed distributor of Aurora products worldwide, including the magazines Activated and The Wine Press, both of which promote Family International beliefs and practices. It is The Family International's largest outreach operation. Activated Ministries openly acknowledges its support of The Family International and links to The Family International website. Activated Ministries has also made at least one cash donation to FCF. [3] ( [4]