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The Family produces and publishes numerous videos for both internal use and sale to the general public. 

Publicly Distributed

Children's Videos

Video series for sale include:

Public Relations

The Family has produced several promotional and public relations videos.

Public relations video series include:

Internal Videos

The Family has produced a large number of videos for internal use. Starting in the late 1970s, Family Homes around the world were encouraged to make videos and send them to David Berg and World Services for eventual circulation and distribution within the organization. Video reports on local activities and video tapes of fellowship meetings were sent to David Berg and Karen Zerby and then added to the International Video Library (IVL) and/or a National Video Library (NVL).

David Berg also requested that female members perform in pornographic strip-tease dance videos to be sent to him and later circulated through the IVL and the NVLs. In Mo Letters such as "Glorify God in The Dance!" (PDF iconGlorify God In The Dance!--Cautions & Improvements for your Exotic Videos — DO 1026, 1981-07-24), Berg provided detailed and explicit instructions regarding what he wanted and didn't want to see in these videos. A number of the strip-tease dance videos featured children performing in what can only be described as child pornography. The girls performing for Berg and other Family members in these videos included children as young as 5 years old. Other child pornography videos produced by members of The Family at Berg's request featured girls ages 9 to 15. The videos also showed young children present while nude adult women performed sexually explicit strip-tease dances.

In the late 1980s, The Family finally removed many of these pornographic videos from circulation but failed to report the sexual abuse, exploitation and performance of children documented on these videos to law enforcement agencies. Some of these videos were stored in a storage facility in the Philippines. In 1992, former members Edward Priebe and Daniel Welsh took over a Family Home in Manila and later gained access to the storage facility from which they removed 16 trunks containing Family publications, documents, video and audio tapes. Some of the materials recovered were later submitted as evidence in child abuse court cases in various countries. Carefully edited excerpts of some of the pornographic videos have also been shown on television news reports from around the world. Please note that, due to moral, legal and ethical concerns, the Video Archives do not include pornographic videos featuring children or adults. Such material, with the exception of excerpts in television news reports, has been edited out of the videos we have archived.

Other video series produced for internal use include:

Archived Videos

DISCLAIMER: Videos by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts. We collect them here to document their existence and the history and practices of the organization but do not condone the points of view or activities.

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Title Date Length Size

Publicly Distributed

Music With Meaning (MWM) Videos

MWM Summer Concert 1981-07 1:59:08.360 376M
MWM: H.M.S. MWM 1981 0:57:39.240 182M
MWM: PR Show 1982 0:13:23.840 42.3M
MWM: Rachel Show 1 1980s 0:29:56.680 94.5M
MWM: Rachel Show 2 1980s 0:26:28.360 83.2M
MWM: Angelo & Sarah Show 1980s 0:24:40.760 78.3M
MWM: Show 1 - Music Special with Jeremy Spencer 1982-06-09 0:29:15.600 92.4M
MWM: Show 2 - A Picnic 1982-05-16 0:28:50.360 91M
MWM: Show 3 - Peter and Rachel 1982-05-27 0:31:17.120 98.6M
MWM: Show 4 - Tea with Michael and Patience 1982-07-14 0:29:04.360 91.3M
MWM: Show 5 - Romantic Evening 1982-07-23 0:27:19.640 86.2M
MWM Club Party 1983-04 2:01:07.440 385M

Música Con Vida (MCV) Videos

MCV: Latin American Show 1980s 0:36:07.720 114M
MCV: Poder Infantil 4 1980s 0:31:21.960 99M
MCV: Poder Infantil 5 1980s 0:30:51.960 98M
MCV: Villamor Show 1980s 0:37:26.320 119M
MCV: Happy Birthday Family 1982 1982-02-18 0:38:55 122M
FJLA12 - Welcome to P.R. and MCV 1981-07 2:42:39.760 513M

Family Outreach Videos

Insight: Experts comment on The Family and other New Religous MovementsPublic relations video produced and distributed by The Family. Appearances by friends and supporters of The Family including Eileen Barker, Allen R. Brockway, David Casterline, Bart Cox, Rex Davis, Charlotte Hardman, Rick Lannoye, James Lewis, Lawrence Lilliston, Gordon Melton, David Millikan, Christopher Murphy, Ellen D. Oliver, George Roberston, Gary Shepherd, Jack Thompson and Bryan Wilson. 1994 1:05:45 154M

Internal Videos

Fellowship Videos

Christmas at MWM: Christmas Meeting 1981-12-25 1:18:41.080 248M
Christmas at MWM: New Year Candlelight Service (Part 1) 1981-12-31 1:08:20.040 216M
First Brazil NAFM 1982-01 1:37:12 354M
MWM: Sunday Fellowship 1981-04 0:38:28.240 121M
North and Central Peru GAF Meeting 1982-06 1:41:33.960 321M
Mexico TTC (partial video) 1986-08 0:24:49 78.6M
Japan TTC 1986 2:43:03.240 514M
PI Y.E.S. - Skit Tape #2 1987-03 2:36:20.800 494M
A Day At The JumboVideo tour of the Philippines Jumbo. 1987-10-27 0:12:33 29.7M
Fellowship At The JumboVideo footage from a fellowship meeting at the Philippines Jumbo. 1987-09-26 0:18:21 43.3M
"One Wife" Class at Y.E.S. Grant Montgomery teaches a class on the Mo Letter "One Wife" at a Y.E.S. fellowship in the Philippines. 1987 0:8:55 21.2M
Class at Y.E.S. MeetingPaul Peloquin teaching a class at a Y.E.S. meeting in the Philippines. 1987 0:4:36 11M
Security Skit at Y.E.S. MeetingA skit about following security procedures. 1987 0:2:58 7.2M

Other Videos

Report to Dad and Maria from AustraliaA video report to David Berg and Karen Zerby from a couple in Australia and their son. In the video, a man named Appeles reports that two children have shared sexually with their stepmother, Sally. This video is referred to several times in the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward. An excerpt of this video was featured on 60 Minutes Australia: Sinful Acts. 1981 0:6:36 15.6M
Flirty Fishing in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on their Flirty Fishing activities. mid-1980s 0:10:17 24.4M
Nightclub visits in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on their visits to nightclubs to raise funds and sell tapes. mid-1980s 0:7:18 17.3M
Selling tapes in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on selling tapes office-to-office and door-to-door. mid-1980s 0:4:01 10.2M
German/Dutch LIM/LIT-PIC 1981 ReportNew Year's Eve 1981 report from the German/Dutch Lit-Pic/LIM 1981-12-31 0:8:02 18.46M
Mexico Teens On The Road To CaliforniaMexico teens visit California mid-1980s 0:9:57 23.62M
Teens sing "Dad, We're Going To Carry It On"Teens sing a song for David Berg mid-1980s 0:1:57 4.75M
Teens sing "We Believe in You"Teens sing a song for David Berg mid-1980s 0:3:09 7.68M
Boat Trip from Portugal to Brazil 1981-11 0:58:09 183M
Christmas at MWM: Children Perform at Minion Department Store 1981-12 0:34:50.240 110M
Daily Might: A How-to of our Ministry 1980s 1:12:47.520 230M
FJLA12 - Welcome to P.R. and MCV 1981-07 2:42:39.760 513M
FJLA7 - Mexico with Faith and Juan 1981-05 2:57:37.600 561M
MWM: Glorify God in the Dance -  Credits 1981-09 0:01:07.100 3.8M
MWM: Personal Interviews 1981-04 2:24:44.600 456M
MWM: The End of Rainbow's End 1980s 1:32:19.720 291M
MCV: Happy Birthday Family 1982-02-18 122M
Venezuela Babes Ranch 1980s 2:54:04.760 549M
String of Pearls 5 - Visit to MCS 1982-08 1:13:38.880 233M
JLC 30: A Look at MBH 1987-09 1:28:06.080 279M
JLC 30: Narita Family Interviews 1987 0:36:00.240 114M
Japan 7 Course Video Series - Part 3: Tokyo and Japan 1987 0:30:42.800 98M
Japan 7 Course Video Series - Part 3: The Beginning 1987 0:24:23.360 77M
Japan 7 Course Video Series - Part 3: Family History 1972-1986 1987 1:07:47.680 215M
Japan 7 Course Video Series - Part 3: Teen Revolution 1986-1987 1987 0:13:49.520 44M
Teens for Christ! '87 1987 01:59:13 376M

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