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World Services (or WS) was a collection of secretive, undercover homes or "units" primarily handling finances, publications, and special projects (e.g. Creations) in The Family International.

WS operated under very surreptitious conditons, even from the rest of the group. Such units were often heavily subsidized or fully supported by funds alloted them formerly by David Berg, and now Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly. Members of such units are taught they are the crème de la crème, since they are specially selected for their talents, trusted with very sensitive information, and their units were or are directly answerable to Berg or Zerby.

Most WS members were required to clock a minimum of 48 hours of work per week (this number occasionally changes).

Many Family publications were copyrighted under the name "World Services".


(L to R): Joy, Anne, Samuel Perfilio, Rebecca Rapp, Sean Mullen, Barbara Emerson, Phil/Elliot, Jessica Epstein, Karen Zerby, Steven Kelly
- Finance Manager of The Family International since the 1970s
- Aliases: Shemariah Books or Elliot
- senior leader under Kevin Brown; administration
- American
- Aliases: Francis Fisherman or Michael
- member of North American leadership (NACRO) and Director of the TEAM Foundation; former wife of Steven Kelly and mother of Christian Kelly
- American
- Aliases: Abi, Abigail or Damaris
- member of North American leadership (NACRO)
- Aliases: Simon
- member of North American leadership (NACRO) and President of Activated Ministries; former FCF Director
- American
- Aliases: Abner
- Executive Secretary to Karen Zerby
- American
- Aliases: Misty, Libertad
- former spokesman for The Family International
- American
- Resigned and left group in 1996
- an official representative of The Family International
- Canadian
- was Karen Zerby's personal cook in Portugal
- owned properties in New Mexico where Karen Zerby lived
- Swedish
- American
- Aliases: Moon
- personal secretary to Karen Zerby since 1996; publications/secretarial
- American
- Aliases: Joy West, Joy East, Jenna
- American
- GP department
- Aliases: Lorie
- personal secretary to Karen Zerby
  • Nathaniel (SGA)
- administration
- younger brother of Sean Michael Mullen
  • Anne (SGA)
- administration
  • Phil / Elliot (SGA)

Former members of World Services

  • Arthur and Becky
-King's Counselors of World Services and Directors of Wild Wind Productions
- one of the prime editors of all material leaving WS in the 1970s and early 1980s as well as head of the Publications Department. He left the cult in 1981.
- Treasurer of World Services, book keeper, Chief Officer, and Business Manager
- removed from post in 1975
- former personal secretary to David Berg and Karen Zerby
- David Berg's chief "theologian" and prime editor of WS publications until 1999. Has since left the cult
- American
- formerly International Business Manager
  • Zebedee and Zorah (aka "The Z's"; not their legal names)
- former editors of the "Family News" magazine
- a former illustrator for "True Komix". Berg appointed him head of The Family's Art Department in 1981. He left the cult in June 1990
- a former editor


The following is an incomplete list of past and present locations of WS units and sub-units. Due to the extremely expensive and time-consuming aspect of moving a unit, they usually avoid translocating. As a result of this, many of these units remain in the same area for many years.

Family Leadership Structure
Zerby/Kelly | World Services (WS) | Continental Officers (COs) | Visiting Servants (VSs) | Board Members | Home Teamwork

Superseded titles: Continental Reporting Officer (CRO)

Superseded positions: King and Queen Counselor (KQC) / King and Queen Servant (KQS) | Prime Minister