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Current and Former Leadership Structure

The leadership of The Family International is headed by:

- Spiritual leader of The Family International
- American
- Legally changed her name to Katherine Rianna Smith, 04-Nov-1997 [1]
- Aliases: Maria David, Maria Berg, Maria Fontaine, Mama Maria and Queen Maria
- Executive leader of The Family International
- American
- Legally changed his name to Christopher Smith
- Aliases: Peter Amsterdam or King Peter

Under them, management is divided into World Services (WS), Creations, and Family Care Foundation (FCF) (see Fronts). The following is a sample of The Family International's current and former leadership or high-profile members (note: Many of them have legally changed their names and have adopted either "Brown" or "Smith" as their surnames):

Regional Offices

The Family International divides regional management into zones that have changed very rarely and typically in very small ways over its history. They are:

  • ASCRO (Asian Central Reporting Office): Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent; administered in Bangkok, Thailand
    • Richard Douthit (American; aka "Stephen" / "Silas")
    • Sandra Gail Douthit (aka "Joan" or "Endureth")
    • Cephas (Thai)
    • Dawn (formerly "Lamb")
    • Anne (SGA)
    • Adam
    • Ariane (SGA)
    • Emmy (SGA)
    • Mark (SGA)
  • EURCRO (European Central Reporting Office): Europe, Africa, most of Russia; administered in the town of Flüelen, Switzerland (located near Altdorf, which is near Zürich and Zug) by:
  • NACRO (North American Central Reporting Office): United States, Canada, Mexico, Carribean and some countries of Central America; administered in Dallas, TX by:
  • PACRO (Pacific Area Central Reporting Office): Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Far East Russia and other countries of the Pacific; administered in Tokyo, Japan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Also known as FENRO (Far East National Reporting Office) when it was located in Hong Kong prior to the 1990s

Each region is managed by a team of Continental Officers (COs), each team typically having five to seven members. The management structures beneath the CO team are more variable and their members are changed frequently.

Former leaders and notable members

- Former Senior leader under Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly (less officially Grant Montgomery); no longer a member
- American
- Legally changed his name to Kevin Anthony Brown, 29-Sep-1993 [2]
- Aliases: Matthew or John PI
- former second-in-command, after David Berg; father of Joyanne Treadwell Berg; no longer a member
- American
- Aliases: Jethro
- former second-in-command, after David Berg; father of Techi; no longer a member
- American
- Aliases: Timothy Concerned
- former "Queen" / second-in-command, after David Berg; no longer a member
- American
- Aliases: Queen Rachel
- former leader and nanny of Davidito
- American
- Aliases: Prisca Kelley or Sara Davidito
- former minor leader
- American
- Aliases: Alf, Ready, or Jesse
- former minor leader and current member in Russia
- Peruvian
- Aliases: Francis or Peruvian Manuel
- not a member for many years, former leader ("Archbishop") and son-in-law of David Berg
- American
- Aliases: Arny or Big Josh
- deceased (Jan-2005); part of Karen Zerby's staff for over 30 years, former FCF director, and former member of the board of directors of a retirement home (Elderhaven, Inc.) run by Zerby's parents in Arizona
- American
- legally changed her name from Susan Joy Kauten, 14-May-1993
- Aliases: Ceder, Joy, Trust, Hope, or Sue
- Former CO for EURCRO; married to Dawn (EURCRO); lives in Hungary
- American
- Aliases: Zadock
- Former CO for PACRO and EUCRO; lived in Africa and now in Mexico
- French Canadian
- Aliases: Josiah
- Former CO for ASCRO; lived in Thailand and moved to Cambodia in 2002
- American