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Category title

Peter (and others), are there benefits you see to preserving the current title for this category? There are three issues I see with the current title (HomeARC ML 0-200)... 1. These Mo Letters have nothing to do with the HomeARC per se. (The level of sanitation also has nothing to do with the HomeARC, as the versions in the HomeARC are supposed to mimic the paper copies in Family homes after having undergone the various pubs purges.) 2. "ML" is not as descriptive as "Mo Letters", and 3. MediaWiki automatically offers "next 200"/"previous 200" links, which allows shared category intro text, as opposed to copying and pasting the intro text across all "HomeARC ML xxx-xxx" categories. What are your thoughts on this? --Monger 17:56, 30 July 2006 (PDT)

Detailed list with titles

I have moved the list below from the Category page to here, as I think it is inappropriate for its former location. Perhaps this can be moved to a new article titled "Mo Letter list" or some such. Thoughts? --Monger 17:30, 30 July 2006 (PDT)

  • I don't agree. I believe it is nice to have the actual titles of the MLs for easy reference. I also believe it belongs on the Category page.--Thorwald 17:33, 30 July 2006 (PDT)
    • Listing them on the category page is incredibly redundant. I know we have this same problem with some other categories, but I feel that we should strive to address the issue with the other cateogories and not propagate it in even more striking form here. I would personally prefer to have a prominent link to the listing with titles at the top of the category, and use the category itself not so much as the primary location for users to access Mo Letters, but rather more for the underlying organizational benefits of the category. --Monger 17:56, 30 July 2006 (PDT)
      • This is also in response to the first entry at the top of the page. In regards to the category title, the intent was to precisely identify the source. I think it is important to archive the different versions of each publication. While I don't know he exact details of the purge and sanitization procedures, a preliminary comparison leads me to believe that the text of Mo Letters in the HomeARC often differs significantly from both the original and any paper saniztized copies in a Home's library. Some of the changes (such as replacing "Jew" or "Jewish" with AC, rewriting whole sentences and paragraphs, etc) go a lot farther than merely cutting out pages or blacking out words and could probably not be easily done without reprinting the publications in question. How closely the sanization of paper publications tracked the sanitization of publications in the HomeARC is definitely something that merits further research. I realize that ML is not as descriptive as "Mo Letter" but they are already in a category titled "HomeARC Mo Letters." I realize that Mediawiki shows 200 links at a time in a category but I think whenever possible categories with thousands of articles should be avoided. I agree that the titles are important and I like Thorwald's table. I think eventually we should both create both alphabetical and numerical (and possibly chronological) lists of Mo Letters and other Family publications. Having articles with a numerical title (or at least a redirect) would be very helpful in creating links when a reference to a Mo Letter number appears in a document we have archived. There are also some indexes (Pubdex, KWIC, Mo Letter Index, etc) we may want to scan, OCR and add links to - a standard title format for Mo Letter numbers would be very helpful for that. Whether each category should have a list of the publications in that category I don't know although I don't see any problem with it except it makes the page longer. I would expect that eventually we would have alphabetical and numerical lists with links to different versions (original text, original scan, Daily Bread version, HomeARC version, other purged version, maybe even a version showing the sanitization/purge changes, etc). Peter F. 20:33, 30 July 2006 (PDT)
        • I mostly agree with the points above as you have explained them, but I have two questions. 1., Can you explain a bit about why you think that categories with thousands of articles should be avoided? (I see no reason to avoid it, pending hearing your reasoning) ...and 2., What is your prefernece regarding whether or not we should include the list with titles on the category home pages themselves, vs. on separate pages (e.g. "Numerical list of Mo Letters", "Alphabetical list of Mo Letters", etc.)? If we are going to have different categories to denote the sources of different versions of Mo Letters, etc., I imagine that the easiest way for users to actually browse them would be to have a table on a separate page, with a single row for each title, and discrete links for each source ("HomeArc", "Original", "DB", etc.) --Monger 12:19, 31 July 2006 (PDT)
        • One more thought....with this much data involved with Family publications (versions, comparisons, ordering, etc.), does it really make sense to keep it all in the Wiki, or should we have a separate app to accomplish it all? We could of course make the app's template look the same as the wiki. I don't know PHP (though I could probably whip something together using ColdFusion in less than an hour if all the db tables were alreay set up) so I probably wouldn't get involved with development that much, but still, the route we're currently taking seems a bit crazy given the scope of what you've described. --Monger 12:38, 31 July 2006 (PDT)
          • I think categories with fewer articles are easier for readers to peruse and for editors to maintain and organize. This does not mean that categories with thousands of articles are never apropriate but rather that when there is some logical way to break them down into smaller catgeories this should be done when possible. Regarding having the title list on a separate page and in the category, I think we should definitely have it on a separate page although I am not entirely opposed to having a category table of contents as well (altough this may be more work to maintain and perhaps it would be better to simply include a prominently displayed link to the table on a separate page you describe). I have also thought about having another site (perhaps for Family publications but I'm not sure if we currently have the time and resources to develop and maintain it. Archiving large numbers of documents and maintaining different versions of them is not exactly what Mediawiki was designed for but using it for that purpose is not that crazy. A lot of the editing, formatting and maintenance will be done by scripts anyways. Of course, if there is something better that we could be using than that definitely bears looking into. Peter F. 17:36, 31 July 2006 (PDT)

ML# Title Cat. Date Vol.
0000 Dad's Wee Word of Introduction Vol. 1
0000A Old Church, New Church Prophecy Vol. 1
0000B Mountain Men Vol. 1
0000C Colonisation, Not Scatteration Vol. 1
0000D Nehemiah--Persecution Vol. 1
0000E Who Are The Rebels? Vol. 1
0000F There Are No Neutrals Vol. 1
0000G Letter to a Loved One Vol. 1
0000H War-Boom-Bust Economy Vol. 1
0000I Reformation Or Revolution? Vol. 1
0000J Not a Sermon, But a Sample Vol. 1
0000K Casting Out Demons Vol. 1
0000L Rise of the Reactionary Right, The Vol. 1
0000M Faith and Healing Vol. 1
0000N Scriptural, Revolutionary Lovemaking Vol. 1
0000O Burn Free Vol. 1
0000P Lovemaking in the Spirit Vol. 1
0000Q Scriptures on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Vol. 1
0000R Last Ranch Prophecy Vol. 1
0000S Revolutionary Rules, The Vol. 1
0000T More on Faith Vol. 7
0000U Parable of David and Saul, A Vol. 7
0001 God's Little Miracles--Part 1 Vol. 1
0002 God's Little Miracles--Part 2 Vol. 1
0003 Diamonds of Dust Vol. 1
0004 For God's Sake, Follow God Vol. 1
0005 Boat Trip and Hannah Vol. 1
0006 All Things Change, But Jesus Never Vol. 1
0007 Are You a Sight-Seer Or a Seer-Sighter? Vol. 1
0008 He Is Not a Jew Prophecy Vol. 1
0009 Temple Prophecy, The Vol. 1
0010 One Man--One Vote Vol. 1
0011 Squeeze--Don't Jerk Vol. 1
0012 Rasputin: Hero?--Or Heel? Vol. 1
0013 Dreams of England Vol. 1
0014 Description of Slides Vol. 1
0015 Four Dreams of New Colonies Vol. 1
0018 Baby The Babes! Vol. 1
0019 Prophecies of the Handmaiden of the Lord Vol. 1
0020 Let's Talk About Jesus! Vol. 1
0021 Mountain Island Villa Dream Vol. 1
0022 Letter to the Office Teams Vol. 1
0023 Quality or Quantity? Vol. 1
0024 General Epistle to Leaders Vol. 1
0025 Love Never Fails Vol. 1
0026 Pointers for Leaders Vol. 1
0027 Use It Vol. 1
0028 I Gotta Split--Part 1 Vol. 1
0029 I Gotta Split--Part 2 Vol. 1
0031 So You Want To Be A Leader? Vol. 1
0032 Sock It To Me!- That's The Spirit! Vol. 1
0033 Dumps! Vol. 1
0034 Dropouts IV Vol. 1
0035 Did God Make A Mistake? Vol. 1
0036 George Vol. 1
0037 Brother Saul Vol. 1
0038 Correction of Leadership Vol. 1
0039 Epistle to a Leader Vol. 1
0042 Dropouts--Part 1 Vol. 1
0045 Flesh or Spirit? Vol. 1
0046 Promised Land?, The Vol. 1
0047 Epistles to Pastors (Pastors I) Vol. 1
0048 Second Epistle to Pastors Vol. 1
0049 Third Epistle to Pastors Vol. 1
0050 Good Sample, A--1Peter 5:3 Vol. 1
0050A Greeting Vol. 1
0051 Letters I Vol. 1
0051A Ministry of the Mail Vol. 1
0052 Letters II Vol. 1
0053 Letters III Vol. 1
0054 Organisation I Vol. 1
0055 Letters IV Vol. 1
0056 Organisation II Vol. 1
0057 Flatlanders (Organisation III) Vol. 1
0058 London Vol. 1
0059 New Colonies Vol. 1
0060 New Colonies II Vol. 1
0061 Gypsies, The Vol. 1
0062 New Teams Vol. 1
0063 Mountain Island Villa Found Vol. 1
0064 Personal Answers I--New Nation Prophecies Vol. 1
0065 Cromwell Vol. 1
0066 Breakdown Vol. 1
0067 Personal Answers II Vol. 1
0068 Personal Answers III Vol. 1
0069 God's Explosions I Vol. 1
0069A God's Explosions II Vol. 1
0070 Stand in the Gap Vol. 1
0071 Judas Vol. 1
0072 Heavenly Visitor, A (Abner) Vol. 1
0073 Faith Vol. 1
0073A Stands in the Gap, He Vol. 1
0074 Stop--Look--Listen! Vol. 1
0075 Prayer For Love And Mercy! Vol. 1
0075A Space City Vol. 1
0076 Dear Rahel Vol. 1
0077 David Vol. 1
0078 Key of David, The Vol. 1
0079 Call of David, The Vol. 1
0080 Ultimate Trip, The Vol. 1
0081 Prayer Of Intercession Vol. 1
0082 Prophecy Of Deliverance Vol. 1
0083 Psalm 68 Vol. 1
0084 My Love Is A Legend Vol. 1
0085 Sounds In The Night Vol. 1
0086 One Way! Vol. 1
0087 Feet Of Faith! Vol. 1
0088 Personal Notes Vol. 1
0089 Prophecy In Laurentide Vol. 1
0090 Prophecy--Shad--Given After "Prophecy of Deliverance" Vol. 1
0091 Advice on 10:36ers Vol. 1
0092 Inspired And Uninspired Songs Vol. 1
0093 Heavenly Conversation Vol. 1
0094 Kingdom Prophecies, The Vol. 1
0096 Bible Study--Isaiah 2 and 4 Vol. 1
0097 After The Louisiana Festival Of Life Vol. 1
0098 Morning Prayer Vol. 1
0099 Shepherd's Crook, The Vol. 1
0100 To All My Children--With Love Vol. 1
0101 To Europe With Love! Vol. 1
0102 Pied Piper Prophecy, The Vol. 1
0103 Dollar, The Vol. 1
0104 Pictures Vol. 1
0105 Who Are The Racists? Vol. 1
0106 Schedules Vol. 1
0107 Personal Replies Vol. 1
0108 Nitler--His Future Foretold Vol. 1
0109 To the Northwest Brethren--And Sisters Vol. 1
0110 Dear Deb And Jeth Vol. 1
0111 Questions And Answers Vol. 1
0112 General Letter On Various Business Vol. 1
0113 Shepherd-Time Story, A Vol. 1
0114 Beauty For Ashes Vol. 1
0115 Saul And Michael Vol. 1
0116 Thoughts And Prophecies Vol. 1
0117 More Prophecies On Old And New Church Vol. 1
0117A Coming Division Vol. 1
0118 Problems Vol. 1
0119 Duggar Academy Vol. 1
0120 Mountainslide--A Dream Vol. 1
0121 Draft, The Vol. 1
0122 Decentralisation Vol. 1
0123 Get It Together! Vol. 1
0124 Suggestions! Vol. 1
0125 Persecution Vol. 1
0125A How To Close Up A Colony Vol. 1
0126 Looking Unto Jesus! Vol. 1
0127 Specifics Vol. 1
0128 They Can't Stop Our Rain! Vol. 1
0129 Details Vol. 1
0130 Communications Vol. 1
0140 Backsliders Vol. 1
0141 Statistics Vol. 1
0142 Public Relations Vol. 1
0143 Personal Visits--Part I--Sin In The Camp Vol. 1
0143A Personal Visits--Parts II & III Vol. 1
0144 Let My People Go! Vol. 1
0144A Emergency Call Home Vol. 1
0145 Homegoing, The Vol. 1
0146 Little Book and the Time of the Gentiles, The Vol. 1
0147 Personal Words Vol. 1
0148 Jesus People?--Or Revolution Vol. 1
0149 Current Events Vol. 1
0150 Have Faith Will Travel! Vol. 1
0151 Reading, Pin-ups, Mistakes And World Conquest!--Thru Love! Vol. 2
0152 Psalm of David, A Vol. 2
0153 Let The Dead Bury The Dead! Vol. 2
0154 Wonderful Wave of Worldwide Witnessing, A Vol. 2
0154A Faith's Lost Sheep Prophecies Vol. 2
0154B My Love Is The Wild Wind Vol. 2
0155 Laws of Moses, The Vol. 2
0156 70-Years Prophecy of the End, The Vol. 2
0156A Corrections Vol. 2
0156B Advice On Publications Vol. 2
0156C Dear Ho And Faith Vol. 2
0157 Thanks And Comments Vol. 2
0158 Almond Tree, The Vol. 2
0159 Be So Happy! Vol. 2
0160 Great Escape, The Vol. 2
0160A Emergency, The Vol. 2
0160B Flee As A Bird! Vol. 2
0161 Labour Leaders Vol. 2
0162 Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin! Vol. 2
0163 Dreams Of Jeremiah 40 Vol. 2
0164 Operation PACC Vol. 2
0165 School, The Vol. 2
0166 Music that Made the Revolution, The Vol. 2
0167 Other Sheep Vol. 2
0168 Baalzebub--Lord of the Flies Vol. 2
0168A Emergency Notice To All Leaders Of All Colonies! Vol. 2
0169 My Yoke Is Easy! Vol. 2
0170 Vanity Fair! Vol. 2
0171 Attack! Vol. 2
0172 Survival! Vol. 2
0173 Your Declaration Of Independence! Vol. 2
0174 99 Theses on the Children of God Vol. 2
0175 Monster, The! Vol. 2
0176 Monster On The Move, The! Vol. 2
0177 Call Of India! Vol. 2
0178 Border Bases Vol. 2